Adirondack High Peaks

The Schenectady Chapter's outings represent an excellent resource for those interested in hiking the High Peaks. We offer outings to the High Peaks year-round and, although preference is given to Schenectady Chapter and other ADK members, outings are open to everyone with the physical ability and proper equipment. If you have any questions about participation contact the outing's leader and they will be happy to discuss them with you.

If you want to make some new friends joining an outing is a great opportunity to meet people with similar interests. If you want to improve your ability to navigate, snowshoe, bushwack, or find the summit of that trail-less peak spending time with one of our experienced leaders can be eye opening. Even if you just want to save money by carpooling, come join us!

A list of upcoming outings is available in the latest issue of our newsletter The Lookout.

# Name Elevation
A2 Latitude/Longitude
1 Mt. Marcy 5344/1629 Tr 440645N/0735524W Mt. Marcy
2 Algonquin Peak 5114/1559 Tr 440837N/0735911W North Elba
3 Mt. Haystack 4960/1512 Tr 440620N/0735401W Mt. Marcy
4 Mt. Skylight 4926/1501 Tr 440558N/0735550W Mt. Marcy
5 Whiteface Mt. 4867/1483 Tr 442157N/0735409W Lake Placid
6 Dix Mt. 4857/1480 Tr 440456N/0734710W Dix Mt.
7 Gray Peak 4840/1475 HP 440641N/0735605W Mt. Marcy
8 Iroquois Peak 4840/1475 Tr 440813N/0735953W North Elba
9 Basin Mt. 4827/1471 Tr 440716N/0735310W Mt. Marcy
10 Gothics 4736/1444 Tr 440741N/0735125W Keene Valley
11 Mt. Colden 4714/1437 Tr 440737N/0735735W North Elba
12 Giant Mt. 4627/1410 Tr 440939N/0734314W Rocky Peak Ridge
13 Nippletop 4620/1408 Tr 440521N/0734857W Dix Mt.
14 Santanoni Peak 4607/1404 HP 440456N/0740751W Santanoni Peak
15 Mt. Redfield 4606/1404 HP 440541N/0735659W Mt. Marcy
16 Wright Peak 4580/1396 Tr 440906N/0735848W North Elba
17 Saddleback Mt. 4515/1376 Tr 440735N/0735229W North Elba
18 Panther Peak 4442/1354 HP 440554N/0740755W Santanoni Peak
19 Table Top Mt. 4427/1349 HP 440837N/0735425W North Elba
20 Rocky Peak Ridge 4420/1347 Tr 440916N/0734209W Rocky Peak Ridge
21 Macomb Mt. 4405/1343 HP 440306N/0734648W Dix Mt.
22 Armstrong Mt. 4400/1341 Tr 440805N/0735056W Keene Valley
23 Hough Peak 4400/1341 HP 440410N/0734639W Dix Mt.
24 Seward Mt. 4361/1329 HP 440935N/0741157W Ampersand Lake
25 Mt. Marshall 4360/1329 HP 440739N/0740042W Street Mt.
26 Allen Mt. 4340/1323 HP 440415N/0735622W Mt. Marcy
27 Big Slide Mt. 4240/1292 Tr 441056N/0735213W Keene Valley
28 Esther Mt. 4240/1292 HP 442313N/0735323W Franklin Falls
29 Upper Wolf Jaw Mt. 4185/1276 Tr 440826N/0735042W Keene Valley
30 Lower Wolf Jaw Mt. 4175/1273 Tr 440854N/0734957W Keene Valley
31 Street Mt. 4166/1270 HP 441047N/0740237W Street Mt.
32 Phelps Mt. 4161/1268 Tr 440925N/0735515W North Elba
33 Mt. Donaldson 4140/1262 HP 440914N/0741239W Ampersand Lake
34 Seymour Mt. 4120/1256 HP 440928N/0741019W Ampersand Lake
35 Sawteeth 4100/1250 Tr 440650N/0735101W Dix Mt.
36 Cascade Mt. 4098/1249 Tr 441307N/0735136W Keene Valley
37 South Dix 4060/1237 HP 440336N/0734627W Dix Mt.
38 Porter Mt. 4059/1237 Tr 441255N/0735036W Keene Valley
39 Mt. Colvin 4057/1237 Tr 440538N/0735004W Dix Mt.
40 Mt. Emmons 4040/1231 HP 440837N/0741250W Ampersand Lake
41 Dial Mt. 4020/1225 Tr 440621N/0734745W Dix Mt.
42 East Dix 4012/1223 HP 440355N/0734526W Dix Mt.
43 Blake Peak 3960/1207 Tr 440453N/0735040W Dix Mt.
44 Cliff Mt. 3960/1207 HP 440611N/0735830W Mt. Marcy
45 Nye Mt. 3895/1187 HP 441135N/0740126W Street Mt.
46 Couchsachraga Peak 3820/1164 HP 440544N/0740936W Santanoni Peak
47 MacNaughton Mt. 4000/1219 HP 440823N/0740351W Street Mt.

1 Elevation listed is from the trail guide High Peaks Trails, 14th Edition published by the ADK, which may differ from the elevation listed by the USGS. Both ADK and USGS elevations may differ from the actual elevation of the summit.

2 Peaks listed with a "Tr" have a marked trail, which provides access to the summit. No marked trail exists for peaks listed with a "HP", access the summit is only available via an unmarked herd path.

3 Coordinates listed are those from the USGS Geographic Names Information System though if they prove to be inaccurate or imprecise other values may be substituted. The present exception to this is Giant Mt., which appears not to have an entry in the USGS system. The coordinate system used is NAD83.  Knowledgeable feedback on the accuracy of this information is encouraged though hopefully these values should provide a good starting point for GPS users.