The Schenectady Chapter's newsletter, The Lookout, is published on a bimonthly basis. The Lookout contains a potpourri of articles of interest to chapter members. Of particular interest is the detailed schedule of outings and innings, including special events, hikes, snowshoe trips, ski trips, white water canoe/kayak trips, and flat-water canoe/kayak/sea kayak trips. However, The Lookout also contains Trip Tales, Board of Directors’ Meeting Highlights, Conservation Notes, local events, and other announcements of interest to members.

In an effort to lower costs and reduce our environmental footprint, the Schenectady Chapter ADK is now offering chapter members the option to receive their newsletters electronically. Just click on the "Save a Tree - Read Digitally" logo!

We strongly encourage all chapter members to sign up. Receiving your newsletter electronically will reduce the amount of money the chapter must spend both on printing and on mailing, nearly $1.00 per copy!. Members who opt out of the print edition of The Lookout will receive an e-mail informing them when a new issue of the newsletter is available online, with a link to take them there quickly. As always, the online version of The Lookout contains the same information as the print version but is available in full color. If you prefer to have The Lookout on paper, you can still save the chapter money by opting out and then printing out your own copy from the web site once you receive the link.

All previous issues of The Lookout can be found in the list below.

Previous issues of The Lookout