Innings and Outings

The Schenectady Chapter has extensive outside activities of varying difficulty every weekend. Numerous trips are in the Adirondack and Catskill Mountains. Most are day trips, such as hikes, with some all weekend. In season we offer strong programs for cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and white water enthusiasts. We also have backpack trips, flat water canoe trips, and bicycle trips.

All ages are welcome, although youngsters generally come on outings with an adult. Some trips are noted as suited for small children. The chapter has snowshoes that can be used on chapter outings (with a small fee).

Schenectady ADK Outings



A+ 13 Miles or More
A 8-12 Miles
B 5-8 Miles
C Under 5 Miles
 Leader’s Pace

1. Fast
2. Moderate
3. Slow


A Very Difficult
B Strenuous
C Average
D Easy

A+1A Most Difficult Trip
B2C  Moderate Trip
C3D  Easy Trip

How do I sign up for a hike?

For further details or to sign up for a hike, call the trip leader. Try to call at least two days in advance, as leaders may cancel on the day before an outing if there is insufficient interest. Leaders reserve the right to refuse participants for any reason, including lack of experience and/or lack of physical fitness. All equipment and supplies are the sole responsibility of the trip participants.

What do I need to bring?

The trip leader will let you know if any special equipment (crampons, snowshoes, etc.) will be needed. In general, you should always carry food, water, rain gear, map, compass, headlamp, first aid kit and extra clothing, including hat and gloves in case temperatures drop. Clothing for wet or cold weather should not be made of cotton — use a synthetic fleece or wool. If in doubt, ask the leader.

What if I don’t have snowshoes/crampons?

The chapter has hi-tech snowshoes and one pair of universal fit crampons available for rental at $5/trip. Contact Stan Stoklosa at 383-3066 to arrange for pick up from his convenient location in Clifton Park. Gear is also available to rent at local retailers..

Should I reimburse drivers for gas?

Yes! Each rider should pay their driver four to five cents per mile, depending on the current cost of gasoline. With gas at $3 per gallon, six cents per mile should be used and at $3.50 per gallon, seven cents should be used ($4/gallon – eight cents, etc).

The kind of hikes I’d like to do aren’t listed here — what can I do?

Trip leaders may be willing to plan trips based on member suggestions. If there’s a specific trip you’d like to do, contact our Outings Co-Chair, Roy Keats (370-0399), and let him know.

Wilderness First Aid Course

The Schenectady Chapter Board agreed to provide partial tuition refund for outings leaders who take Wilderness First Aid courses. The program is modeled after the 46ers current program so people who are both 46ers and Schenectady trip leaders can get a combined reimbursement. For further information, call Roy Keats (370-0399).

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Feb 22, 2018, 5:25 AM